It increases your resistance against seasonal allergies & common ailments. 
While ghee is rich in healthy fat soluble Vit. A, D, E & K .It is also rich in antioxidants. It increases the body resistance for various infections and diseases by boosting the immune system. 
   Ghee stimulates the secretion of stomach acids to aid in digestion, while other fats & oils, can slow down the body’s digestive process & sit heavy in stomach.
It also rejuvenate the skin from inside & increases it’s glow.
It is packed with essential amino acids, which help in mobilizing the fat & allowing fat cells to shrink the size.
You can add ghee to roti’s , dal , curry etc. Avoid Indian sweets because they contain lot of sugar.
” Make sure that you consume Ghee in moderation. “
Take care👍

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