It is the condition of having excessive air in the digestive tract. 

The most common symptoms of it are burping, passing gas, bloating , and abdominal pain or discomfort. 

1. Buttermilk : It contains some of the digestion friendly bacteria that provide the required boost to your digestion system.
It is easier to digest than milk as the fat has been reduced.
    It not only settles flatulence problems but also helps to keep you stay fit.

2. Yellow mustard: Take a spoon full at the first sign of intestinal gas and then wash down with warm water. 

3. Hot water bottle: Fill the bottle made of rubber with hot water and keep it on the stomach. Gas will expand and will find it’s way out.

4. Garlic : The strong heating quality present in garlic helps stimulate the gastric fire and thus offers relief from flatulence. 

Try some garlic soup to reduce gas and help with proper digestion.For best results, use fresh garlic.

Take care👍

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