Love and kindness


You read it …. 

A Thought flashed across your mind…

Some of you took it with respect and some of you went into past….

Some of you took LOVE as the first word in your mind and some of you took KINDNESS as first word.

BUT WHY ? ….

BECAUSE … It is the reflection of thought process that is going on currently in your brain.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN ? … This shows the events of life that you are going through which contains the work pressure and personal life. All in all as we say WORK LIFE BALANCE. We get impacted most by these events and start behaving under influence accordingly.

NOW WHAT ? … Every person needs to do a periodical introspection of what is going on in his life for RIGHT and WRONG. And most important ACCEPT THE FACT… This helps you to take right decisions and behave accordingly.

Many times, even if you know what is right and what is wrong, you are not able to stop yourself from behaving what you would not like to do.

May be i am sounding negative, but need to take the negative first, so that we understand the importance of the positive things.


Love is the feeling what you have for your ( lets start from ) Mother, for Sister, for Father and family. Love is the reflection of the acts what you take in favor of all your loved ones. It automatically reflects the respect. Respect for every who is lovable by you. Love is for PET that you have at home. Love is for the free bird that chirps near you and you feel like pampering the bird if it comes and sits on your arm.

When you love someone you are always ready to give the personals favors to come forward and help the loved one, if it is needed. This is kindness.

When you are kind to some one whom you do not know, and help the person / living being even if it is a street dog whom you would have fed sometime. That means you are a good human and you love all the living beings.

LOVE IS THE STRONGEST FEELING that GOD gave us. KINDNESS is the strongest reflection of LOVE that we carry in our hearts.

So …. 






feel the love what you receive from everybody.

I did not write this to receive any award, but liked the topic. IT took me hardly 10 minutes to portray my feelings in black and white.

With due Respect,

Revert and leave comments if you agree with my thoughts.

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