Gyan – Chakras and colors sequence VIBGYOR – Nature defines everything in symetry

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The chakras are beyond the physical body or the sthula sharira. They are part of the linga sharira. The energy field or
emf encompasing the body. The linga sharira is a consequence of our absorption of light energy .
We are nothing but energy. Some of it light energy ! Without the sun rays we are nothing. We can be bioluminiscent as well. This is sensed not only by our eyes but the EMF emitted by our own brains !
As we absorb the energy and transform it to suit different frequencies in the body we transform how we feel . Humans are very visual. We can see 3D in color naturally. Elephants on the other hand have better ears than eyes. They can hear us 3 KM away and smell us 10 kms away. Due to the quantum nature of energy.
The mula is red in color. The R in VIBGYOR or the visible light specturm or the Sa in the 7 notes in nada yoga. The ancients discovered how we are impacted
by light and sound of diferent frequencies.

The mula is red in color red has more energy than other colors and frequencies of vibrating photons. Red represents shakti or energy residing at the muladhara. The note Sa is vibartional energy that works on the muladhara.
The svadisthana chakra present below the navel is represented by Orange the color the O in VIBGYOR and is representative of the self. It is where the energy flows from.
Thought may occur in the mind , it is talking to yourself. It can be tuned for neuro lingusitic programming ! anahata.!
But the voice energy or ahata starts flowing from the svadisthana. Not from the brain. Something modern science is stil discovering. With music, a focused mind and controlled breath, the individual can, according to Nāda yoga, “listen in on” their own anahata, their own “inner sound”,

OM is pronounced as Aauuummmmm as ahata. But Om the anahata version is the vibration of the universe. The primal energy ! Something we feel 24/7 . Without this vibrational energy there would no be cell replication or reproduction or life as we know it !

To concentrate on this inner sound as a support for meditation is very helpful to tame the mind, and when it has been clearly recognized, used for self centerdeness in outer life as well.
So the 7 chakras in the linga sharira corespond to lights of different color and sounds of diferent notes and frequencies
representing the EMF or energy fields we create close to nerve plexus or ganglions or centers in the body where neurons from diferent areas of body converge around the meru dhandha
or spinal chord. Charkras are not from the sthula sharira or gross body that we can see and feel , they are from the subtle or linga sharira , the temple of shiva,
They can only be sensed by the energy waves or emf created by our brain which is an antena that receives energy and a transponder that radiates this energy.
It is transcedant. Beyond the physical sense. Beyond our sense organs. It takes practice to develop this ability. We are so blinded by noise of the outside world
and so immeresed in it we cannot sense the energy in selves.
The ancients discovered that by focusing on certain colors and tunes we can transform the energy in the body. Like our guru shiva or neelakantha the blue throated one, blue standing for the
color of the vishudda chakra. The color of truth, of creativity ,dance and art. Like shiva our guru of natya yoga, nada yoga, hatha yoga, mantra yoga and ayurveda.
It is our shiva nature. formles and shapeless that can be impacted by the frequency and amplitude of the energy we can generate.
IT IS THE SECRET. Glory to our ancestors who discovered these aphorisms of nature based on observation and experience. They did not use sthetoscopes or microscopes .
They established this knowledge of tantra based on experience. Jai guru mahadeva. Shiva is our guru of tantra. The chakras are spirutal aids in the sadhana. It is the science of energy transformation. Kundalini ! Practice hatha yoga or mantra yoga. Discover the world within. The world of Parashakti , or radiant inner energy ! Hara Hara mahadeva ! Boom shankara !!

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